Day 1 of 45 – In the beginning

Hi guys and welcome to This is my initial post on my 45 day journey where I will transform my flabby stomach into something resembling a ripped six pack. If you would like more information on my background please refer to the About Me page. I’ve taken a few “before” photos which I will post towards the end of this article, unfortunately due to the lack of a Delorean I won’t be able to show you the “after” photos for another 45 days.

Throughout My Journey I will do my utmost to keep you, the fitness community as informed as possible. Posting photos and videos of my progress, along with nutritional plans and weight lifting regimes. I can also hold my own in the kitchen so I’ll post the occasional recipe along with photos to get your taste buds watering.

The Six Week Abs program consists of 3 fundamental techniques, these include Diet & Nutrition, Weight Training and Intermittent Fasting. I will summaries the fundamentals below for convenience. For a more detailed program schedule click here.

  • Weight training (Reverse Pyramid Technique, RPT) will be limited to 3 days a week, with the occasional short run on rest days.
  • Calories & Macro-nutrients will vary depending on workout / rest days.
  • Mini fasts otherwise known as Intermittent Fasts will be leveraged. I will fast for 16 hours of every day and only eat within an 8 hour window

I will also be using a range of supplements including fast and slow release Proteins, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and Creatine.

I should point out now that this will be an extremely challenging six-week program requiring hard work, determination and discipline. Unfortunately the silver bullet quick fix solution doesn’t exist, I’ve looked, sorry to disappoint you. This is another reason I’m documenting all my results online as it will keep me accountable and motivated. From the research conducted I’m confident I will see the results I desire, I guess there is only one way to find out.

Alright enough dribble, lets get down to the facts.

Current Statistics

Weight 76.8 kg (169 lbs)

Height 172 cm (5” 6)

Body Fat approx. 25%

Front on Before - How to get a six pack in six weeksSide on Before - How to Get a Six Pack in Six WeeksBack Before - How to get a six pack in six weeks

Current lifting statistics

Exercise 1 RM (KG) 1 RM (lbs) 3 RM (KG) 3 RM (lbs)
Squats 130 286 120 264
Chin Ups inc Body weight 106 233.2 96 211.2
Rows 90 198 65 143
Bench press 100 220 85 187
Dips inc Body weight 106 233.2 96 211.2
Dead lift 150 330 140 308
Pull ups inc Body weight 106 233.2 96 211.2
Military press 65 143 55 121


Weight Lifting Program

Tuesday Set 1 / Weight Reps Set 2 / Weight Reps Set 3 / Weight Reps Set 4 / Weight Reps
Squats 254 3 220 4 198 5 176 6
Chin Ups inc Body weight Body weight 10 40 3 30 4 20 5
Rows 174 3 154 4 134 5 120 6


Nutritional Diary

Note: My nutritional plan is based on my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) + 20% for Workout Days, tomorrows post will be a rest day therefore calorie intake will be calculated at TDEE – 20%

Day 1 of 45 Quantity Calories  Percentage of Daily Intake
Pre-work out – 2 PM
Steak 200 grams 291
eggs 2 185
Tomato 1 22
Coffee 1 10
OP Whey Protein 1 serve 120
Sub Total 628 24%
Post-work out 7 PM
Banana (medium) 1 105
Mixed berries 100 grams 50
baby spinach 50 grams 12
brown rice 100 grams – 1/2 cup 357
cottage cheese 125 grams 124
Chicken 500 grams 650
Brocolli 200 grams 88
carrots 2 50
Carmans Museli 100 Grams 428
OP Casein Protein 1 serve 115
Sub Total 1979 77%
Macronutrient Breakdown
Protein 239 37%
Carbs 332 52%
Fat 69 11%
Total 640

That brings me to the end of my first post, I hope you found it informative. As I said before I’ll be posting similar articles daily detailing my diet, macro-nutrient breakdown and weight training program in extensive detail making it really easy to follow should you want to get onboard with the program. I’ll create two new posts this week called “Weight Training Program” & “Weekly Nutritional Plan”

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